All-Star Program

Are you wishing for a new car but looking for a great deal?

An Academy Ford All-Star might be the right choice for you!

Our All-Stars are former demo and service loaners which only have a few thousand miles on them.

Loaners have been driven by our service customers on a short-term basis; demos have been driven by someone on our dealership management team.

These vehicles have never been titled, and they're in excellent condition. They have less than 5,000 miles on the odometer. They're also still covered under factory warranty.

And the best part - you'll save THOUSANDS off of MSRP if you choose one!

These beauties are the best-kept secret in the car business because you get the best of both worlds - a nearly-new car at a used car price!

Check out our All-Star inventory and let us know which one you've got your eye on!

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